Thursday, 10 October 2013

Industrial Piercings and Monumental Price Tags

Hey everyone! 
Bit of a different post today because I usually don't talk about piercings even though I'm obsessed! 
 I previously wrote one on How to Clean a Piercing but haven't written any since.

I usually find a piercing I like and then get obsessed with it for ages and the two I've got my eye on at the moment are the Helix and Industrial (or Scaffold as some people call it). 
I'm planning on getting my helix done soon but the one thing that sort of gets my goat is how expensive it can be to get a piercing.

Back in Ireland, I got my lobe's done for €15 (I've got two pairs) and my tragus done for  €35/40 and they were including the jewellery.
Over here everything is definitely a lot more expensive, and that's clear, but when it comes to piercings, some places are just ridiculous.

The other day I was in town and inquired in a number of places about prices. One place did your helix for around $60 and I'm not sure if that included jewellery! The place I'll probably go to does it for around $35 but that's excluding jewellery. 

I don't know why it has to be SO expensive. Can they not just do it for free? I mean we're letting them poke a hole through our skin knowing fine well it'll probably bleed and get infected. Is that not enough pleasure for them? Nope, on top of the pain and tears we've got to sacrifice $30-70? And of course there's the after care too.

Don't get me wrong I love piercings but really, do they have to be that expensive?

I didn't actually mean to go off on a rant but oh well :) What I really meant to talk about in this post was industrial piercings. I have a great love for them and this was the picture that got me into them.
You can, if you wear the wrong jewellery, lose your sense of elegance but I find that this type of jewellery brings is all back.

Again I'm off on a rant about prices but so far I've found that industrial piercings bear the biggest price tags reaching $70-90. I understand that it's essentially the cost of two helix piercings but really? almost $100 for a piercing? That's taking the p**s just a slight bit don't you think? A single person could probably buy a week's worth of food with that money.

I'm probably coming off sounding really negative about piercings but in actual fact I love them, I really do. I plan on getting quite a few and I will pay the money I just wish that it cost a little less.

What sort of experiences have you have with piercings and what do you have? (if any)


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