Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Eternal Beauty

Hey Beauties
So I was scrolling through the many blogs I read and I saw this quote at the top of  raspberrycheek's blog. I thought it was so beautiful and so true that I had to share it with you all.
So many people get judged on their appearance but in years to come when you're old and whatnot, you'll want someone who has beauty on the inside, not the outside. Looks are just a bonus.
Appreciate the beautiful people in your life because these days, real beauty is hard to find.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Disney Craze: Frozen

Hey Beauties!
So as you all know, the new Disney craze is Frozen and I have to say, I totally agree with where they're coming from.
I've only seen it once however I am OBSESSED with the soundtrack. It's cute and catchy and it's a real family feel good movie.
I love Disney movies so obviously I was going to see their new instalment. I didn't think I would be this hooked though!
There are quite a few good messages in this movie and, SPOILER ALERT, it's based on sisterly love rather than the typical Disney romance. Obviously there is romance but it's not the overriding message which I think is important.
As well as that they have finally made it clear in Disney movies that you can't marry someone you've just met.
About time!
Overall I love this movie, especially the characters. Some of the lines are almost heartbreaking they're just that adorable and I think it's fair to say that everyone will love Olaf.
If you haven't seen Frozen you need to! If you don't like it that's fine but I highly recommend it!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Consequences of Incorrect Storage!

Hey Beauties!

So the other night just before I was going to bed, I opened up my cupboard beneath my sink. My make up bag (which was not stored correctly) jolted forward tipping out one or two of my make up items, one of them being my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.
As my floor was tiled and the bottle is glass you can kind of guess what happened next. Yep, it smashed.

My first reaction was of course disbelief. I was hoping that it wasn't really smashed but upon closer inspection it was clear I could no longer use it.

I'm annoyed because I was starting to really get into wearing it and I hadn't owned it for that long either. I bought it on sale as it's usually about $20 and I don't want to spend that much on a drugstore foundation so the fact that it may not be on sale any longer had me a bit worried and annoyed.

When I say it broke, it really broke. I thought it was just the bottom that smashed but there was also cracks up and around all sides. I can even pull the bottom off! I mean I could be stupid and still use it but there's probably tiny pieces of glass in it and I don't want to put glass on my face!

I think the main lesson to be learned from this is store your make up correctly. Don't have it hanging out of a bag or near a surface which it could smash upon. Unfortunately a lot of foundations are glass so avoiding glass bottles is difficult but just BE CAREFUL!


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Product No Nos: Max Factor Smokey Eye Effect Eye Shadow

Hey beauties!
I'm quite aware that this is an old product but I feel like I have to have may say on it and even though it's old, there's probably people out there who are new to the world of beauty and may not know already.

So a while back, (maybe a year), I was in Boots and there was a 3 for 2 on Max Factor. I'd never actually bought anything from them and I thought that this was a good opportunity to give it a go.
One of the items I picked up was this eye shadow stick.
I had high hopes for it because
1. At the time I thought it must be good because it's Max Factor
2. It looked like an easy application

How wrong I was.

So the idea is that you apply step one and then step two by simply "colouring in" your lids. 
Yes, I do agree that it's an easy application

 I picked it up in the shade 2 Bronze Haze. I really like the two colours and they're really pigmented and it doesn't take a lot of effort to get colour.

Lasting power:
This I'm afraid is where everything goes down hill. You apply it to your eyelids and one hour later it's creased. Even if you apply a primer before it still creases. I tried it with just step one and then with step one and two and both times they crease.
This is a shame as it's the most important thing about an eye shadow and if it creases it just looks awful.

I think I payed around €10 which is quite a lot for only two colours and on top of that it doesn't work properly!

Overall I definitely wouldn't recommend it. Nice application and colour but it creases and is expensive.


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My Everyday Make Up

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
No surprise this has ended up on my blog. I've seen so many reviews and praises about this foundation and I really like it. Its got tiny sparkles in it which the sun picks up. It's made of glass so it feels a bit more expensive. I only paid $9 for it which is good as it's usually around the $20 mark which I actually think is quite ridiculous!
It's an SPF 15 also which is always a bonus.
My only fault is that the lightest shade is still quite dark. I'm pretty sure 100 Ivory (which I own) is the  lightest but I feel my skin is that slight bit too light. I think I can get away with it though (I hope.)

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
When I bought the foundation I also picked up  a pressed powder. Again, surprise surprise it's the Rimmel one and bought it in 001 Translucent so that way it'll go with any foundation no matter what shade. I can't really compare it to anything but it does its job so I'm enjoying it.
Inglot Freedom Palette
I've reviewed this palette on another post so CLICK HERE to see it. I really love this palette as the colours are beautiful and they're so quick and easy to just throw on and go. It's a "put it together yourself" palette so there are loads more colours you can choose from.
L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim
This is an eyeliner that if you don't own you need to! It's a pen eyeliner and it's so easy to apply and just an excellent make up item. I used to use the gel eyeliner from Rimmel and got a bit frustrated with it so went looking for a new one and found this. I definitely recommend it and I think I'll do a review of it in the future.
Rimmel Apocalips
This was given to me as a birthday present from one of my wonderful Irish friends. When I first saw it I looked at it and thought, "Oh crap, it's not my colour" but when I applied it I found that I can sort of dab it out so the colour's not so intense. "301 Galaxy" is a  really pretty purple colour with glitters in and leaves a nice stain on your lips. I get on better with this colour than my "nude eclipse" one. I find this applies better and doesn't sink into the cracks in my lips. Don't know why!?

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil
There's nothing to really say about this to be honest. I usually fill in my brows with a powder but use this to brush my brows through and touch up spots I missed or to give them more shape. If you've got dark eyebrows like myself you'll probably want to pick up the shade 004 black brown.

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara Flared
This is one of my all time favourite mascaras. It's my go to mascara and I think it looks really pretty on. It makes your eyelashes look soft and fluffy and is just super gorgeous. It doesn't lengthen them as much as other mascaras but does a really good job all the same.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
I picked this one up in no 15 Fair. There was actually no tester for it but I was lucky enough to choose the right shade. I wouldn't recommend buying things like foundation and concealer without swatching, I was just lucky I got it right. I really like this concealer as it goes on really smooth however it's not as heavy as my previous concealer the Collection Lasting Perfection . I recommend it though if you want a sort of moisturising concealer.

17 Miracle Matte Skin Primer
As far as primers go I wouldn't say this one is great. I own about 3/4 primers and I don't tend to use this one for my eyes or for actually priming. I do however love it for my T zone. I get really oily skin across my forehead and nose and I hate looking shiny. As this is a matte primer I apply it to my oiliness and it's no longer shiny. It doesn't last all day so I'd recommend either bringing it with you and applying it in the day or applying more powder.

So there you have it, there's my everyday make up. Obviously I vary it and use other products but these are the products I seem to be grabbing when I do my make up.

What are your everyday go to essentials?




Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 Resoltuion Tag


Hey Beauties!
So as I was skimming through my blog list I found a tag by Elle Sees and decided I would take part. Her blog really is fabulous so you should definitely go check it out :)
This is the tag, not hard really so here are my New Years resolutions for 2014!

1. Bad Habit-
I know this probably sounds gross but picking and biting the skin around my nails. I've got this awful habit and I really hate it, especially considering I'm into beauty and nails and all that!
2. A New Skill-
I'd like to learn to read music. I've already started this because I absolutely love music yet I can't read it, well not fluently anyway.
3. A Person I Hope To Be Like-
This one's tricky. I don't think I could single out a particular person. I suppose I just want to be a better version of myself. In all honestly I'm happy with who I am and wouldn't want to change myself but I want to make an effort to take my qualities, talents and whatnot and just improve them.
4. A Good Deed I'm Going To Do-
I think this year I might try and do some voluntary work. I've never really done it before and I think it might be really good for me, to put people I don't know before me and help in whatever way I can.
5. A Place I'd Like To Visit-
I've already sort of planned a trip or two and have been there before but I'd like to spend more time in Melbourne. I absolutely adore cities and I'd love to make use of the one closest. Perhaps going to events, shopping, that sort of thing.
6. A Book I'd Like To Read-
Well by the sounds of things, school has already got a big long list of novels I've got to read but in terms of personal reading, I'd really like the read The Secret Garden. It was on the TV the other day and I watched some of it and thought, well that would be such a cute little read.
7. A Letter I'm Going To Write-
Well I've got a whole list of letters I've got to write to all my wonderful friends back home so I'll be kept very busy.
8. A New Food I'd Like To Try-
I'm not really a seafood person and I've got a feeling I'll hate them but for some odd and unknown reason, I really want to try scallops. I think it's from watching all those years of Master Chef and seeing them prepare them, I don't know.
9. I'm Going To Do Better At-
I think everything really but in particular my school work. I'm not a  slacker but I know this year I'll have more work than usual and I really want to keep up and have little or no pressure on my shoulders.
So there you have it. Now as the original tag suggests, this tag is open to EVERYBODY, so feel free to give it a go. If you do, be sure to leave a link in the description so I can read it!
Happy New Year!!!