Monday, 30 September 2013

Lace Me Up


Sweetheart Bardot Lace Crop- ₤20 Miss Selfridge

White High Waisted Lace Skater- ₤25 Topshop

Black Zip Back Platform Cout Shoes-₤60 River Island

Studded Wrap Around Bracelet- ₤5.50 Forever 21


Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Lip Products

Over the passed month or so I've really gotten into wearing things on my lips so I thought I'd dig up some of my forgotten products and show them to you and hopefully start wearing them more!

1. Essence XXXL Lip gloss-04 Rising Star
2. Rimmel Apocalips-600 Nude Eclipse
3. Seventeen Lip Lustre-Ice Maiden
4. NYC Kiss Gloss-539 Soho Sweetpea

1.The first lipgloss is from essence. The writings all been rubbed off though. I LOVE the smell of this, it's like raspberries. It's lovely. :) I quite like it, nothing bad to say really.

2.I really like the colour of the Rimmel Apocalips. It looks really pretty but I find my lips go dry. I'm not sure if I'm just applying it wrong or what, but that's what happens to me. Its a really nice nude if you're looking for one though.

3. Unfortunately this lip gloss is sticky. I still wear it as it make a good top coat but it's sticky which is disappointing.

4. The Kiss Gloss is not my favourite. I find that it doesn't last that long and mine has ended up smelling really weird, so weird that I almost puke which isn't pleasant.

1. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick- 700 Nude Delight
2. Rimmel Kate-107
3. NYC-438 Candy Rush
4. Maybelline Color Whisper-55 One Size Fits Pearl 

1+2. I quite like both Rimmel lipsticks. I don't really wear no. 107 and have worn Nude Eclipse more, but I'm happy with both of them and they've got good colour pigmentation. My lips tend to get slightly dry though but I could be applying it wrong or not moisturising my lips enough.

3.I think I've only worn the NYC lipstick about twice because it seems to be very glittery and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I can't say much on it really but it is a nice pink.

4. Maybelline Color Whisper, hmmm. I'm not happy with this colour. Literally I'm not even kidding you, there is NO colour. It's practically the same as a lip balm. Like, I have swatched it in the photo but you can't even see it! DON'T buy this colour. I don't own any other ones so I can't give an overall opinion but this colour is just nothingness. 
Has anyone bought another colour? If so, what colour and how did you get on with it?
I talked about the Kate Moss lipstick and Color Whisper a bit more here if you're interested.

So yeah, that's all my lip products. Anyone got any or maybe in a another colour? How did you find them to be?

Any recommendations? I'm always open to new ideas :)


Friday, 27 September 2013

The Owl Bag

I'm a big fan of owls and I was given this bag for Christmas last year. It's so adorable and I believe it's from Accessorize. I think you can get a fox one too! It's probably not available anymore though. Sorry!
It can't hold a massive amount in side as the sides are sort of tight but it holds what it needs to (purse, phone, lipstick etc) and it's so cute! It would definitely brighten up any outfit.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Sprinkle of Glitter

The one thing that grabs my attention where ever I am is sparkly things. Diamonds, glitter the lot. So, when it comes to nails, I love glitter top coats.

1.Mode Cosmetics- Influential Miss
2.Models Own- Freak Out! (Mirror Ball Collection)
3. Miss Sporty- Sparkle Touch
4. Claires Cosmetics

I'm very impressed with this polish. I only paid around $2/3 and it does what it has to. It coats evenly, dries quickly and doesn't chip. I've never seen this brand before so I'm not sure where it's available. I also bought a blue and a matte top coat. The blues very good as well and I haven't yet used the matte top coat.
I'm aware that it looks gold but it's actually silver.

I'm actually quite disappointed with this one. The colours are really pretty but unfortunately it has a few flaws.
Firstly, it doesn't spread evenly which is highly annoying. Because of this, you end up putting on a few coats just to cover your nail.
On top of that, it doesn't dry properly. I find it takes thrice as long and you need to put a clear coat on top to seal it. However, even after doing all that, it still smudges off because you've got too many coats.
So yes, I like the packaging and think it looks really pretty but I wouldn't recommend it.

This is definitely my favourite glitter out of all three polishes. I'm on my second bottle and I find it's BRILLIANT for doing stars on Galaxy nail. So if you're looking for a glitter top coat for galaxy nails, this is the one. I think it looks really pretty, dries nicely and applies evenly. I only paid about ₤2/3.

I got this as a part of a Christmas present at least 3 years ago and it's still not gloopy or sticky yet. Well done Claires! It's really pretty, lasts ages and spreads and dries easily.

So, there are some of my favourite glitter polishes. I absolutely love them and find they always add "spice" to boring nails. Glitter's a killer to take off though!


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

I'm very happy to announce that I have been nominated for the Leibster Award! 

I'm really surprised as I havn't been blogging for that long, 2/3 months maybe! So I'd just  like to thank kerryshabitat for the nomination.



1) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I'd been reading other beauty and lifestyle blogS and thought "that looks fun, I could do that." Also it gave me a hobby and something to look forward to as well as an excuse to buy make up!

2) What scares you most?
There's very few things that actually scare me. I like to try and put myself outside my comfort zone because I know it will lead to great things. I'd have to say that spiders are very high up in the list though!

3) Do you have a favourite brand?
There're plenty of brands I still haven't tried and I'm not sure if I have an overall favourite. I do own a good amount of Rimmel though.

4) Did you go to University, or are you there? if not why not?
I'm an only 15 so no I'm not at Uni although I definitely want to go in the future.

5) Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter?

6) High Heels or Flats?
I don't usually wear heels but am a huge fan. You can't go wrong with flats though so probably flats.

7) What era should you have lived in?
1950s, definitely.

8) 3 of your favourite films?
I don't watch a massive amount of Tv or films so this is slightly difficult:
The Help

9) How do you feel about Charity Shops?
I think they're great. I don't think there's any shame in buying from them because sometimes people put in brand new clothes and you only pay a fraction of the price. I used to have my favourite pair of black pumps and they were from a charity shop. 

10) Tea or Coffee?

11) Dream Job?
Musician or somewhere in that field.

My Nominees for the award are...

My questions for you....

1. When did you start your blog?
2.How often do you blog?
3. What's your favourite make up product? eg. lipstick, eyeshdaow etc
4. Currently, what is your favourite song?
5. Chocolate or sweets?
6. What person/people inspire(s) you?
7. Do you have a tattoo(s)? If not, would you get one?
8. What is your favourite colour?
9. If you could live one day again, what would it be?
10. Favourite brand ever?
11. Favourite quote or saying?


Monday, 23 September 2013

Inglot Freedom Palette

A couple of months back I entered a writing competition and won €200. I don't regret this, but most of my money was spent on beauty items, particularly make-up. In fact I bought two palettes on the same day: Urban Decay Naked 2 and an Inglot Freedom Palette. Naughty, naughty!
 The Naked Palette is pretty hyped up (and I can see why) but I'm not going to rant on about it.

So, there was an Inglot store in a shopping centre I'd been to so many times (The Crescent Center, Limerick, Ireland) and I'd never really been in. They were displaying this really lovely palette which I fell in love with. I asked the lady and she told me that you could actually create your own palette which really got me excited. She was really helpful and didn't hang over my shoulder watching me (like some store assistants do).
 I was slightly over excited and chose five colours: A goldy black, two browns and two pinky toned browns.
It wasn't until I got home that I realised I hadn't  really swatched them properly (or at all!) but luckily they're quite nice.
Looking at it, it doesn't look very well coordinated but they do work. I don't wear the black with the rest, it's just I needed a black and that one had gold in it :)

 Inglot's a really nice store because it's nice and colourful and all in one place so you don't need to look hard for things. I can only speak for the eye shadows, but I would  definitely purchase them again. They go on nicely and you don't need to try hard to get product on your brush, unlike some products I've used.
I really want to try other products and see how good they are, but I'll have to find another store first!

Freedom Shadow S- €6
Freedom Shine 37- €6
AMC Freedom Syst- €6
Freedom SQDS 461- €6
Freedom Shadow SQ 34- €6
Freedom 5 SQ Palette- €12

I'm really sorry but I'm not sure which colours are with what number because it doesn't say on the palette. I had to read them off my receipt (this is why you should keep receipts)

Because you put it together yourself, I think they take €6 off the total cost. 
In total it was €36

I definitely recommend purchasing an eye shadow palette from inglot. The colours look gorgeous and they apply nicely.

Has anyone purchased anything from Inglot?


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick: Nude Delight

I love nude lips and recently treated myself to a Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick. I'd seen these plenty of times but never picked one up because there was always something I wanted instead.
I almost always research [lip colours] online first because I hate buying something and realising it's a completely different shade to what it looked like! So, after flicking through images online, I spotted a picture a of a girl wearing "Nude Delight" and thought "that's the one for me."
I walked into Chemist Warehouse with the intention of buying a concealer (which I did), but also managed to pick up Nude Delight at 1/2 price.
I'm really keen to try it out and see if it lives up to my expectations.

Anyone got any other colours from this range? Any you'd recommend or not recommend?
Let me know! 


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tattoo Controversy

Tattoos are like make-up. The end result depends on the skills and colours used and the placement.
If you choose a horrible design with unflattering colours and get it tattooed by a person who is unskilled in their profession (which can happen) and get it somewhere undesirable, it doesn't look nice. It's the same with make up. If you have the right tools and  colours and know how to put it on, you look nice. If you don't, then perhaps not.

You always hear people say: Oh, I'd never get a tattoo because it'll look horrible when I'm old. But hey, you don't have to have a visible one nor a huge one. You can also get white ink tattoos that aren't half as visible.

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and you should respect that. If a person likes tattoos and decides to cover themselves in them, don't give them a hard time. They don't ask you why you don't have tattoos.
It's their own decision, leave them be.

 Disclaimer: This is not my image, all rights to the photographer.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Beauty Wishlist #1

As a blogger I'm always looking for things to write about and recently I haven't been able to come up with much. Nothing has been inspiring me to jump onto the computer and start writing.

I have had my eye on a few things though and I thought why not share them with you :)

#1. Remington Pearl S9500 straightener.
My hair is extremely bushy and hard to manage and as my current straightener is old and doing nothing, I need a new one. I'd been aiming to get a GHD but heard great reviews about this one so set my sights on a Remington. AND it's cheaper!

#2. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick "Nude Delight"
I love colour on my lips but I'm not a bold lip person and any colour I do have doesn't stay on for long. This colour really appeals to me as nudes are more my style and I'm hoping this won't dry out my lips because dry lips are one of my pet hates!

#3. Real Techniques Brushes
 I've heard good things about these brushes and the one thing I'm lacking at the moment is brushes. 

#4. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Everyone needs a good foundation and this one really takes my fancy. A lot of things I buy are influenced by reviews and hype about them. I swatched this on my hand and had heard it had a slight shimmer. When I stepped into the sunlight, my hand was all glittery!

#5. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine.
So there's plenty of hype about these and when there's hype, I want some of the action. 
I've heard these are amazing when it comes to being chip resistant. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure you can't buy them over here :'(
If you know of anywhere that does sell them (but i doubt it) let me know in the comments below :)