Thursday, 22 August 2013

HOW TO: Clean a piercing

A lot of things can influence you to get a piercing and a lot can also put you off. One of these may be the work required in cleaning. 

Honestly, it's not difficult and this shouldn't influence your choice.

When getting a piercings, your piercer will give you cleaning instructions but if you've forgotten or they didn't, here you go:)

                                                                     What you need

Saline Solution-the same stuff you keep contact lenses in
A shot glass or egg cup
Cotton wool or cotton buds


    Step 1: Wash your hands! Cleanliness is very important when cleaning piercings, especially new ones

Step 2: Squeeze a small amount of the saline solution into the egg cup/shot glass or whatever you have to hand. The amount you use will depend on the piercing you have and over time, you'll get a feel for how much you actually need.

Step 3: Place the egg cup/shot glass in the microwave for NO MORE THAN 10 seconds. If you put it in for too long it'll just evaporate.

Step 4: Take it out the microwave and allow it to cool a bit. Then take the cotton bud and clean your piercing, removing the crusties.

Step 5: Take another cotton bud and wet it with clean water and clean the piercing again. This removes the saline. Dry it again with the cotton.

Crystal Tip: When you first get you piercing, it's very sore and sensitive. I suggest using cotton wool rather then cotton buds for the first few weeks. It's much gentler and hurts less.

Oh and DON'T OVER CLEAN! Stick to a maximum of twice a day, in the morning and at night. Over cleaning can cause irritation and we don't want that now do we!?

 Tragus piercing on the right ear.


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  1. This was very helpful. Although the Piercer did tell me how to clean my new piercing, I still wanted to make sure I was doing it properly and didn't miss out on anything. Thank You!


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