Wednesday, 21 August 2013


For some people many problems in the world today only exist on TV simply because they haven't been exposed to them. I am one of these people.

Before, anxiety, depression, self harm and suicide seemed like distant problems. I never knew anyone who suffered from these things so to me they we almost non existent. How wrong I was.

I'm lucky enough that I don't suffer from any of these things but recently I have been exposed to them, especially suicide, and it can be extremely scary.

If you're reading this and you suffer from any of these things, you know how it feels. I'd just like to say how sorry I am that you are affected and you have my empathy.

If you don't suffer, you may be clueless about how these problems really effect people and that's not your fault.

If you know someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, self harms or has contemplated suicide PLEASE let them know you're there for them. You may not be able to do much because their problems are rooted deep, but if they know you're there for them and are willing to support them all the way, it makes the world of difference.

The little things in life that you can deal with, for example a break up, these people can't. Their moods can change in a second because of something that's been said or done.

Put yourself in their shoes. Just imagine if you woke you everyday unhappy. If you went to work, school etc and nobody acknowledged you or smiled; if you felt segregated from the world, like you weren't worth anything. If someone constantly sneered at you or made hurtful comments for no reason.
Just imagine it.

Please Please PLEASE let them know you are willing to help them. If you see someone on the street looking sad and depressed, smile at them.
If you're in a shop or anywhere and, for example, you like a person's make up or something they're wearing, tell them. A compliment means a whole lot more if it's from a stranger. You never know what that person is going through and you may have made their day from that one compliment.

I apologise for this being a "not so happy" post but these problems are REAL. 121 million people have some form of depression and 1million people commit suicide every year. That's too many.

I can't stress the importance of this. I understand it's hard to imagine, but when you are thrown a real life situation like this, it hits you like a slap in the face.

DON'T BLAME YOURSELF! If you have done nothing wrong and something serious happens to someone you know, please don't think it's your fault. When it comes to these situations, sometimes you really have no control over what's happening and you mustn't feel like you've caused the problems.

So please, if you can do just one thing, try and change someones life.


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