Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tattoo Tuesday: Arrow

So some of you may have clicked on this link because you don't know what body mod is. Well body mod (or body modification) is anything you do to change the way you look in the sense of tattoos, piercings, scarring etc. I'm only going to be talking about tattoos and piercings though,  nothing else really.
 So I thought I'd rumage through the internet and find amazing tattoos either just to share with you, inspire you or creep you out (whatever takes my fancy.) There really are so many wonderful designs out there.
I'm well aware that there are so many different views on tattoos. Some think they're great and others think they're horrible. I respect your opinion but you can make them look nice, it just depends on the design you have and where you have it.
One design I found really inspired me. I've mentioned it before in a previous post  How to make the best out of life. It's the first tattoo I plan on getting and I really think it looks quite nice. It's small, simple and out of sight which means it wouldn't interfere with things (ie. school, work etc). I'm also a huge believer that tattoos should have meaning. If they don't, why mark yourself with something that's meaningless.

Disclaimer: This is not my image, all rights to the photographer

I'm not going to try and make you get tattoos or piercings. It's not in my power to do so. I just want to show you how amazing they can be if done right.

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