Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Consequences of Incorrect Storage!

Hey Beauties!

So the other night just before I was going to bed, I opened up my cupboard beneath my sink. My make up bag (which was not stored correctly) jolted forward tipping out one or two of my make up items, one of them being my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.
As my floor was tiled and the bottle is glass you can kind of guess what happened next. Yep, it smashed.

My first reaction was of course disbelief. I was hoping that it wasn't really smashed but upon closer inspection it was clear I could no longer use it.

I'm annoyed because I was starting to really get into wearing it and I hadn't owned it for that long either. I bought it on sale as it's usually about $20 and I don't want to spend that much on a drugstore foundation so the fact that it may not be on sale any longer had me a bit worried and annoyed.

When I say it broke, it really broke. I thought it was just the bottom that smashed but there was also cracks up and around all sides. I can even pull the bottom off! I mean I could be stupid and still use it but there's probably tiny pieces of glass in it and I don't want to put glass on my face!

I think the main lesson to be learned from this is store your make up correctly. Don't have it hanging out of a bag or near a surface which it could smash upon. Unfortunately a lot of foundations are glass so avoiding glass bottles is difficult but just BE CAREFUL!



  1. Oh no this is so frustrating! Sorry to see that your foundation has broken.. =S

    1. I bought a new foundation though :) so it's all good. Still annoying though.


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