Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Shop My Stash

( Top left to right )
Rimmel Gel Eyeliner- 001 Black
Sephora Eye Shadow- Kiss from No.10
NYC big Bold Mascara
Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara- Black Sapphire
Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil- no. 15 Bling Bling
 Collection 200 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner- No. 7 Rock Chick

I decided I would do a "shop my stash" because there's a few things I own that I have sort of drifted away from.

First on the list is my eye shadow palette from Sephora . I payed €20 for it and I don't think I'll be buying it again.
It comes with four eye shadows and one eyeliner. I haven't used the eyeliner because its very dark for my crease. I did use it to fill in my eyebrows though.

I find the powder to be very dry and hard which makes it difficult to get any product on your brush and therefore difficult to get on your eyes. 
Also when I do a cat eye, the powder falls onto the eyeliner even though I wear primer which means it looks weird and your eyeliner is hidden.

Another thing is that it's quite orange and I'm not a big fan of orange. "Why did you buy it then?" you may ask, well it wasn't as orange on the back of my hand when I swatched it. Perhaps it was the light because it looked more copper
I want to try and use it more because I did spend money on it and I don't want it to go to waste.

Next up are two mascaras. There's nothing wrong with the NYC one apart from the fact you have to wipe it because there's so much excess and if you don't wipe it it clumps like HELL! It does give you volume though and it was really cheap like €3 or something.

I had high hopes for the MaxFactor mascara because it claims to brighten your eyes.
Basically the formula is just a bluey black colour with small glitters in. I bought the one for blue eyes even though my eyes are a mix of a few colours.
If I'm honest, it's pretty crap. It doesn't lengthen my lashes that much and its doesn't brighten my eyes. Maybe it's because I have a mix, I'm not sure. 
Also it doesn't coat evenly. By this I mean that one eye will have black mascara and the other will look blue which just makes you look silly.
Same with the eye shadow, I want to try and make use of them and not let them go to waste.

Finally I have three eyeliners. The Rimmel eyeliner was the only eyeliner I used when I first started wearing eyeliner and I did like it. It lasted all day and was a nice formula. The only downside was that the brush got clogged with the product if you didn't clean it after every use and it went out of shape with split ends.
The only reason I stopped using it was because I bought the L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim and I must say I'm highly impressed by it. It's definitely one I recommend.

(left to right: Collection Glam Crystals/Essence Gold)

I bought the Collection Glam Crystals because I really wanted a glitter eyeliner. The only negatives about it is that it's difficult to take off and sometimes in the day the glitter will just fall into your eye.
I stopped wearing it because I had nowhere to wear it. I don't think I'd be allowed in school. I just want to make better use of it.
Last but not least is a gold eyeliner from Essence. I payed around €1 for it and its quite good. I just wish I'd bought a darker colour so I could see it better. It's quite good though.

Sorry for the long post but its sort of turned out to be a Shop My Stash/Review. I hope I've helped someone or encouraged someone to buy something although I doubt it because it was quite negative.



  1. The eyeshadows look really nice(:


    1. yeah, they're very orange though :/ xx

  2. Love those eye shadow shades, they are gorgeous and yet so natural and pretty

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. Thanks :D and thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check it out xx


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